Case Study: Reducing dust control water usage by 60% for Al Futtaim Shawkah Quarry

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About the client:

Al Futtaim Colas Shawkah is a quarry based in the United Arab Emirates which supplies asphalt aggregates to the hotly contested and competitive construction industry in the UAE and abroad. 

The problem: 

Prior to contracting Dust-A-Side, the quarry was experiencing dust related challenges resulting from trucks transporting aggregate from the pit to the crusher and vice versa.

With the quarry located in a desert where water is an incredibly scarce resource, the primary method of suppressing dust on the haul road network was watering it with sea water. The mine needs to purchase this water at great cost, having no direct access to a water table. 

Using water as a dust suppressant with daily excessive temperatures ranging from 25oC to 45oC proved to be ineffective and inefficient as the sea water would quickly evaporate from the roads after application. This was a costly and massive waste of water and fuel.

The quarry sought a more effective dust control solution in order to:

  • Reduce dust fallout
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Maintain and improve haul trucks tyre life

Why Dust-A-Side was contracted to implement a solution: 

Dust-A-Side was selected to take on this challenge as we are one of the Colas group of companies that has demonstrated over the years to provide cost effective, proven to work solutions which are sustainable for mines and quarries alike. 

Amongst other differentiators that stood out for Colas Shawkah was the unique dust abatement solution we offer, a holistic system that incorporates a specialized bitumen emulsion, proven methodology, skilled & experienced personnel that are able to make the treatment program work even with difficult materials. 

The potential to cut on dust abatement application fleet costs, achieve water reduction and minimise tyre wear were amongst the top three priorities for Colas Shawkah. This is why they chose Dust-A-Side as their preferred partner.

How Dust-A-Side approached the challenge:

Dust-A-Side first applied DAS Product to the haul road network in order to stabilise and treat the surface. However, the standard formulation yielded undesirable results. This was because the haul roads are dressed with gabbro aggregates which have a high silica content and the water being used is acidic and full of chlorides, leading to the destabilisation of the standard formulation. 

Further tests were conducted using a different customized formulation of DAS Product which yielded superior results, thus prompting a switch from the standard formulation to the customized formulation. 

The client assisted us by providing the right size aggregate to redress the wearing course at the same time assisting in the provision of water stats used before and during the use of bitumen based technology on their haul roads. 

Download: DAS Product Fact Sheet

What solutions were delivered: 
  • Haul road design (widen switchbacks, correct the size of the wearing course type)
  • DAS Product delivery and application (compatible with wearing course and acidic water type)
  • Equipment (grader, mechanical broom, water bowser)

It took two months to do the tests and implement the solution, yielding positive outcomes within that opportunity window. 

Measurable results: 
  • 60% water savings
  • Compacted, bitumen bonded wearing surface free from dust i.e., dust free hauling  
  • >3% improved tyre wear rate

Al Futtaim Case Study 2 Main Haul Road_IMG

Dust free hauling on a main haul road after application of DAS Product

Dust-A-Side is proven to outperform

Dust-A-Side is the world leader in providing holistic haul road management and dust control solutions to the mining industry.

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  • Study your current operating practices, processes, and systems
  • Organise the required accredited laboratory testing of gravel soil and water samples
  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Perform a cost benefit analysis

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DAS Product Fact Sheet