Client Snapshot - Wet and muddy roads are a thing of the past

The benefits of stabilising primary haul roads with DASProduct on one of the coal mines in South Africa were apparent after 110 mm of rain. This amount of rainfall left the haul roads extremely muddy.

The problem the client was facing as a result of this heavy rainfall was that fine and silty material was being washed off the road in the wet conditions. This exposed sharp stones and posed the serious risk of damaging tyres as well as causing uncontrolled vehicle movement and collisions. 

In addition to this, the excess mud made it very difficult for haul trucks and light vehicles to safely navigate the road surface without the chance of becoming bogged down.

As the affected haul roads have previously been treated with DASProduct , our experienced team on site was able to quickly take action to restore the roads in a few hours compared to mines in the same areas that will take days to restore.  

Download: DAS Product Fact Sheet

Other competitors who also specialise in haul road management lack the necessary skills and equipment to quickly deal with wet weather issues on haul roads. This is because our solutions are regional and customer centric. This makes it much easier and quicker for our teams to  restore our roads to their original state prior to the excessive rainfall. .

In total, it took only 5 hours for our team to carry out the restoration work, resulting in a production loss of 21% for that day. This is in stark contrast to the estimated 48 hours of downtime it would have taken for other mine sites in the same area whose roads are managed by competition. . 

Our client was very happy with the quick turnaround time that we were able to achieve and we are pleased to have been able to ensure our client could resume operations in such a timely manner. 

As can be seen in the images below, the differences between the start of clean up and the final result are night and day.

Primary haul road after 110mm of rain:

Experienced Dust-A-Side site manager & crew clearing mud that accumulated: 

Road cleared of mud by Dust-A-Side expert final cut grader operator: 

Haul road returned to normal after overnight rainfall: 

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It’s never too late to implement an all-weather road solution for mine haul road networks, even if many sections of the road have already been long established.

Dust-A-Side has the capability  to treat and manage all mine haul roads and access roads. 

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Download: DAS Product Fact Sheet