Dust-A-Side Chile Cements Its Position as Safety Leaders


Dust-A-Side Chile has once again reaffirmed its position as a leader in safety management. This comes after the General Manager of Minera Los Pelambres mine, Mauricio Larraín, recognized Dust-A-Side for its outstanding safety performance.

The award recognises companies operating with high exposure to accidents to people and potential damages of equipment.

Minera Los Pelambres, controlled by Antofagasta Minerals, Chile’s biggest and most important private mining group dedicated to the exploitation and production of copper, has enjoyed a safe partnership with Dust-A-Side since 2007.

Ramón Rada, General Manager Dust-A-Side Chile said, the accolade means a lot to them, considering high potential risks in which they operate in.

“ Safety remains our top priority given the circumstances of the environment we operate in. We
are committed to the principle of zero harm thus ensuring that all our employees return home unharmed every day”, Ramón concluded.

Dust-A-Side Chile (Safety leaders) was again in 2017 recognized as one of the best companies in preventive management by the Chilean Security Association (ACHS) for maintaining an impeccable safety record of 0.0 accidents rate.

Low pressure prevention, or high pressure suppression