When the pressure is on to suppress dust

Dust-A-Side’s high pressure mist systems are just one of our innovative solutions designed to suppress dust in a wide range of applications.

These systems produce a high concentration of 10-micron droplets in a mist that can be directed at areas that produce a high concentration of airborne dust.

The super-fine water droplets provide optimum performance for attracting and suppressing (Particulate Matter) PM10 and smaller dust particles.

When properly designed and installed, these high-pressure mist systems effectively control and eliminate airborne dust emissions.

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Key benefits of high pressure mist systems

High pressure mist systems effectively and efficiently suppress airborne dust particles by removing more dust per volume when surfactants solutions (such as HydroPlus) are added. This helps to reduce the surface tension of water which in turn helps to improve the ability to make certain materials wet, particularly hydrophobic materials such as coal and fine ores.

Unlike many other systems available on the market, moisture is added to the air and not directly to the material, reducing the moisture contribution to the material being handled.

Minimal water is used to produce fine mist under high pressure. With mines providing recycled water containing high suspended solids and dissolved matter that is prone to clogging nozzles, the nozzles lifespan is extended using a filtration system to pre-treat recycled water. This will result in minimal clogging of chutes and excessive water run-off due to nozzle erosion.

Before a high pressure mist system is used:

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After a high pressure mist system is used:


Dust-A-Side are leaders in high pressure mist system

With over 220 fully customised and purpose-built dust suppression systems in use globally, from conveyors to transfer stations, Dust-A-Side is an acknowledged leader in this field.

Most of these systems are triggered by remote control sensors and programmable logic controllers with fully automated, self-cleaning water filtration systems.

For advice on how to suppress dust using Dust-A-Side’s high pressure mist systems, speak to a member of our engineering team today on +27 12 648 8900 or click here to get in touch

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